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The book explains the whole workflow of board game publishing, from reviewing designer prototypes to the finished games on the retailer’s shelves. Anyone interested in starting a game publishing business or in finding a job in the boardgame industry should find answers to their questions.

The tabletop games market has never been as large and diversified as today. Yet, there are few books that focus on the business aspects of publishing tabletop games.
In this book Eric Hanuise, founder of boardgames publisher Flatlined Games, shares his experience learned from years of publishing:

  • The whole publication process, from the author's prototype to the finished game on the retailer's shelves
  • The different jobs available in the industry
  • Setting up your publishing company
  • Contracts with authors and artists
  • Manufacturing board games
  • Safety and legal obligations
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Retail, direct sales and crowdfunding
  • Fairs, conventions and events

Written by an actual publisher, this book will help you figure out the tabletop games industry. No matter whether you are just interested in how things work or you intend to set up your own board game publishing business, you will find answers to most of your questions here.

Table of contents
Part 1—Preparation and Administration
Chapter 1—Gathering Information
Chapter 2—Become Part of the Community
Chapter 3—The Many Roles of Board Games Publishing
Chapter 4—Planning Your Business
Chapter 5—Setting up Your Business
Part 2—Financial Management
Chapter 6—Funding
Chapter 7—Accounting and Cash Flow Management
Chapter 8—Hiring
Chapter 9—Other Considerations
Part 3—Game Development, from Prototype to Product
Chapter 10—Sourcing Prototypes
Chapter 11—Change Management
Chapter 12—The Cost of Developing a Game
Chapter 13—Licensing a Game From a Designer
Contract Example
Chapter 14—Commissioning Artwork
Part 4—Prepress and Desktop Publishing
Chapter 15—Overview
Chapter 16—The Prepress Process and File Management
Chapter 17—Software Tools
Chapter 18—Board Game–Specific Prepress Techniques
Part 5—Production Techniques
Chapter 19—Paper, Cardboard, and Chipboard
Chapter 20—Printing
Chapter 21—Game Boards, Cardboard Tokens, and Game Boxes
Chapter 22—Cards
Chapter 23—Wooden Components
Chapter 24—Plastic Components
Chapter 25—Metal Components
Chapter 26—Laser-cut Components
Chapter 27—Electronics
Chapter 28—Cloth
Chapter 29—Ziplocks and Rubber Bands
Chapter 30—Other Components
Chapter 31—Shipping Cartons
Chapter 32—Shrink-wrapping
Part 6—Manufacturing and Logistics
Chapter 33—The Quote Request Document
Example Quote Request Document
Chapter 34—Asking for Quotes
Chapter 35—Preproduction
Chapter 36—Logistics
Chapter 37—Safety Regulations, Barcodes, and SKUs
Part 7—Sales and Marketing
Chapter 38—Sales
Chapter 39—Export
Chapter 40—Marketing
Chapter 41—Fairs and Events
Part 8—Conclusion
Part 9—Bibliography and Thanks

The book is in English language, so as to reach the widest possible audience.
Localised translations may become available at a later date if we get inquiries from foreign partners for licensing the book for their markets.

"Board Game Publisher" is available as print-on-demand paperback (6x9" , 270 pages), and as e-book.

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