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Here is a variant by Cedric Lapouge, allowing team play in Rumble in the House and Rumble in the Dungeon.By combining 2- and 3- players teams, all configurations from 4 to 12 players are supported. 

I am happy to announce the launch of Board Game Publisher - The YouTube channel.   If you are or want to be a board games publisher, this is for you!  

Argo can now be played on Yucata! http://yucata.de/ is a german website allowing you to, play boardgames online. No need to install anything : just go to the site, create a free account and you can play!

Mark Gerrits, who are you? I'm a civil servant software engineer who sometimes designs games in his free time. What kind of gamer are you?

Benjamin Benéteau, who are you? I'm a French comic book artist, living in Brussels, mainly working on the backgrounds and cars of the new Michel Vaillant series since 2012, and currently working on a new one-shot, which will be published by Le Lombard in 2018.

Hi everyone.  Flatlined Games is a one-man shop, operated and owned by Eric Hanuise, but there are many stakeholders to this indie boardgame publisher: designers, friends, vol

I am delighted to echo the announcement of CoolMiniOrNot (CMON), our new US partner:

Essen 2015 - An experimental Essen fair for Flatlined Games The warehouse is empty, so I am faced with the question: what to do at Essen 2015?

Press release - Brussels 18 mar 2014 - for immediate release Twin Tin Bots free to play web version now available.   Flatlined Games, with the kind help from Boite à Jeux and Board Game Arena is proud to announce the immediate availability of Twin Tin Bots as a free to play online web game…

Twin Tin Bots design notes Philippe Keyaerts 1. The spark : Spaceships, combat and inertia. A finished game is something solid, clear and detailed. The rules are precise, victory conditions are well defined, as are the means to reach them. In the beginning however, things are much more murky.…

Make sure to check out the first part of this series : Twin tin bots design notes by Philippe Keyaerts. The making of Twin Tin Bots Eric Hanuise 1. Game Development I was lucky to be involved with Twin Tin bots from the very first playtesting session. The prototype was already nice looking, with…