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New boardgames publisher : Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games is a new boardgames publisher, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Founded by Eric Hanuise, Flatlined Games publishes and develops complex board games, with strong themes and multiple game mechanics, for demanding players.

Flatlined Games editorial line focuses on highly thematic games, and will include mostly either very complex games with multiple mechanisms or very simple and fun fillers.

Flatlined Games will target niche markets in the boardgames market, and address these niches globally with multilingual editions.

Flatlined Games primarily sells direct on its web site given our small print runs, but we are also open to distribution deals in Europe and US markets. Retailer enquiries are welcome too.

Flatlined Games reckon that your friendly local gaming shop is a key player in the spread of hobby games. Given our niche target market and low print run volumes we must mostly sell direct from our website, however we wish to support the local retailers. To this end we introduce our 'ship to your retailer' program : customers that are willing to have their order delivered at their local retailer instead of home will get a small discount. The goal is to have customers visit the retailers, giving them an extra sales opportunity.


About the founder

Eric Hanuise was born in 1969 in Belgium. He has been active in the gaming market for 20 years, organising tournaments and events, playing in various clubs and actively participating in various gaming-related organisations. He decided to turn this hobby in a business in 2007, and took a sabbatical from his consulting business to make a market study leading to his creation of Flatlined Games. After many months spent fighting the recent economic crisis, he finally can start producing great games.

He likes older and complex games such as Junta!, Advanced Civilization, Lords of the Sierra Madre or Fief, as well as more recent titles such as Twilight Imperium III, Funkenschlag or Smugglers of the galaxy.

Eric plays or has played just about any kind of games, be it roleplaying, LARP, miniatures, wargames, CCG's or boardgames.

He also contributes as writer for Plato magazine, a french speaking magazine dedicted to boardgames and the boardgames industry.

Last but not least, he co-authored 'batt'l Kha'os' with belgian fellow Frederic Moyersoen, a two player games where orcs and humans fight over the control of battlefield towers, available from Z-man games.

You may also find him on the french site or on BGG under the nickname 'ehanuise'.

About the name

Flatlined Games is a reference to the brain wave patterns on a EEG display. A dead brain's EEG is said to be 'flat lined', or totally inactive. Our games are highly interactive and tax the player's brains so we named the company just the other way around : Flatlined games.

Contact info
eric dot hanuise at flatlinedgames dot com
39 rue gheude
1070 Anderlecht