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Out of print - rights reverted to the author
Julie Saffre
Kwanchai Moriya

Rumble in the Dungeon box


"The dead king's tomb. Spooky and Mysterious. But the dead king was rich. There must be a big treasure there."

"Yeah, right... And traps too. And Monsters. I'm not sure it's a good idea."

"Well, can't be worse than when we tried to snatch the Dragon's eggs, I reckon."

"... can't be."

The two thieves looked at each other silently for a while.

"Y'know what ? We split, join other adventurers, let'em do the hard work, and then snatch the treasure."

The thief's twin brother smiled.

"Looks like a plan."

There are too many monsters and adventurers in this dungeon. The dead king's treasure is well guarded but adventurers are fearless! Try to keep your secret character in the dungeon as long as possible, or to exit the dungeon with the treasure.

Rumble in the Dungeon is a very simple bluffing and guessing game for the whole family.

The twelve characters start in the house. Each player receives two secret character tokens. In turn, players will move one of the characters inside the dungeon, or pick a victim and eliminate it from the game. The player who keeps his secret characters the longest in the dungeon shall win the round. During play, the other player's moves provide clues to their identity, unless of course they bluffed by moving other characters on purpose... Everyone tries to identify and expell the other player's characters while keeping their own safe.
Furthermore, if a character exits the Dungeon with the dead king's treasure chest, he wins the round!

Rumble in the Dungeon components

The game box contains the following materials :

  • A twelve pages multilingual rulesbook (English, Spanish and German - two pages per language).

  • Twelve double sided carboard room tiles

  • Twelve character stand-ups

  • Twelve stand-up plastic feet

  • Twelve 'Secret Character' tokens

  • Twelve plastic stackable counters to keep track of score and player color

  • One cardboard scoretrack

  • One wooden "treasure chest" cube

Game Rules

Please download and read the rules.

It's the best way to figure out whether this game suits your game group !

The following links leads to the pdf version of the rulesbook. You will need Adobe Acrobat or a compatible reader to view it.

Characters Backstory eBook 

Rumble in the House on the web


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Support and questions

Please ask questions on the Rumble in the Dungeon Boardgame Geek forums, we'll answer there.



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